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Presenting a Whole New Paradigm In Health – A Drugless Therapy

We stand now at a time of great positive changes in the pursuit of personal, group and organizational health. I am not a medical doctor, but one who has been granted the grace to pioneer in our great country Nigeria and the West African sub-region, the advent of Energy Therapy / Energy Psychology – a drugless healing method. I invite you to come along with me on this journey to unfold the beauty and splendor of this Drugless (non-faith) healing method I call –GIET.

There are three forms of healing. One is called allopathic medicine or orthodox treatment. The second is called Herbal Medicine, which is the known by many as Alternative treatment. The third relatively unknown by many is Energy Medicine which is the one I want to speak to you about today. Although the other two also have there roots in Energy medicine, EM is now seen as the newest form of Therapy which will become the path for the future medicine. Many MDs and Specialist care givers are now turning to Energy Medicine.

About The Therapist

06ac9cfMy name is CHIEF (Dr) IWOWARRI B. JAMES THE ENERGY THERAPIST . I hail from Akwete-Ndoki in Ukwa East LGA of Abia State , Nigeria . I joined NB Plc in 1989 where I have spent 18years and currently serve as the Logistics Manager, I am an EFT and Quantum Touch certified practitioner in Nigeria . And the first and presently only member of Association For Comprehensive Energy Psychology – ACEP the international umbrella body for practitioners of major Energy Therapy methods in the world.

My adult foray into the field of Energy Therapy began in 2005. when I became aware of Quantum-Touch as a healing method. I read the book Quantum-Touch- The Power To Heal by Richard Gordon. I began to apply what I read which meant healing people around me. Later, I studied Energy Medicine by Donna Eden, Energy Psychology by David Feinstein, PhD, Emotional Freedom Technique by Gary Craig and G-Jo Acupressure. I then joined ACEP in the USA and began to work towards international certification in some of these methods while I studied others for occasional use when necessary.

In the months of April and May, 2007, I participated in the 1 st International Conference of Quantum-Touch, and the 9 th International Conference of Association For Comprehensive Energy Psychology – ACEP, all in the USA , where I was the only participant from Africa . During these seminars, the founders of major healing methods such as SEEMORG MATRIX MORKS, Energy Psychology, EMDR, Advanced EFT, Tapas Acupressure Techniques – TAT, HLBU. Many renowned Practitioners and Researchers in Energy Psychology / Energy Therapy like Dawson Church, PhD, Larry Stoller PhD, David Gruder, PhD, Christine Page PhD, Tapas Fleming, Rupert Sheldrake PhD, David Wolfe, the American No1 Raw Food exponent, and many more, became my teachers. This also brought me face to face with many other Therapists from other parts of the civilized world.



  • That your body is made up of energies and is sustained by Energies
  • That Energy enters your body through energy centres called CHAKRAS
  • That Energy works in your body through pathways called MERIDIANS
  • That used energy or excess energy leave your body through various points in your body called Acupoints
  • That when Energy is not entering your body, or flowing through, or coming out of your body, it will cause various health problems that will dis-ease the body.
  • The blocking of the energy centers, pathways or the acupoints which cause several ailments are themselves caused by various factors such as Stress, bad emotions – anger. Anxiety, guilt, oppression depression, aggression, fear, phobias, grief, un-forgivingness; environment, and others.
  • That the Chinese knew about these 5000years ago and used a method of treatment called Acupuncture to open the energy points in the body to heal energy blockages.
  • That this acupuncture method is now an international health practice which uses pins and needles to open the body in an invasive way.
  • It is possible to use your hands now to do things similar to acupuncture on yourself and others without using pins and needles.
  • This is the foundation of Acupressure or Psychological acupuncture which we are now letting people know, practicing and teaching in Nigeria with Golden Rays Integrated Energy Therapy –GIET as the anchor base.

About GoldenRays Integrated Energy Therapy – GIET

As a result of the great success I have recorded applying different healing methods in combination and the inner illumination I received concerning the all powerful Goldenrays out of The Golden Cross Of Truth present in Creation, a knowledge I gained through the book In The Light Of Truth, The Grail Message by Abdrushin, I have brought together the various independent methods, into an integrated healing method I call GoldenRays Integrated Energy Therapy’– GIET for short .

GIET is a Drugless Health Improvement Method that combines the power of Quantum-Touch, The efficacy of Energy Medicine & Energy Psychology, the delivery and speed of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and the simplicity and power of GoldenRays (Radiation) Therapy, coupled with some aspects of TAT, EMDR, and Seemorg Matrix Works, etc to deliver holistic and balanced Health without the price of any side-effects. It is a therapy that emphasizes compassionate, heart-centered care in which the Therapist and Client are equal partners in facilitating health and healing. A GIET practitioner will use gentle, non-invasive touch, skilful tapping, focused and intentional energy movement and distance healing to influence and support the human energy system within and surrounding the body. It calls for a pure heart with loving intentions to offer genuine love. GIET recognizes the tripartite nature of the human person to with Material (Body), Ethero-animistic (Soul) and The Spirit; in dealing with the efforts to re-balance the human energy field. Clients are encouraged to understand this and its implications in the drive for excellent health and well-being. GIET provides that platform for a conscious recognition of the importance of Living in accordance with The Will of GOD by individuals as a principal determinant for achieving Divine Protection in the GoldenRays as a shield against unwarranted interference in the energy field on the individual by energy vampires and hawks against balanced energetic health. In GIET we guide Clients along these paths.

With GIET, flow, balance, and harmony can be non-invasively restored and maintained within an energy system of the body through tapping, massaging, pinching, twisting, or connecting specific energy points on the skin, tracing or swirling the hand over the skin along specific energy pathways, exercises or postures designed for specific energetic effects, focused use of the mind to move specific energies, and surrounding an area with healing energies (one person’s energies impacts another’s) among other things.