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Currently our services include the followings


We provide direct healing services. Effort is made to help Clients who come with issues to find peace with themselves. As we look at every situation only from the energetic perspective, we do not mind whatever the issue is called. We approach every challenge from the same basic method and result so far has confirmed the rightness of this approach. See our testimony page.


Healing circles are made up of students and or Energy Therapy enthusiast who come together to practice healing on one another under the guidance of Chief James. Healing Circles can be established in homes, schools, organizations, etc. This helps to promote the oneness and peaceful co-existence among individuals from diverse backgrounds.


We provide trainings and development courses in various aspects of Energy Therapy/ Energy Medicine/ Energy Psychology. Individuals and Organizations are encouraged to avail themselves of the opportunities of these trainings and courses both for themselves and for their people. The following training and course opportunities are now available.
Please click here for our training programs.


GoldenRays organizes/ holds Conferences Workshops and Seminars to introduce Energy Therapy and as a forum for training and development of Therapists and Practitioners. Watch out for dates and Costs of future events.


  •  We act as brokers also for linking critical cases that do not want to be assisted here in Nigeria to secure appointments with renounced Therapist/ Healers in the USA, UK and other parts of the globe with whom we are in professional contact.
  • We promote the services of renowned Therapist / Healers from other parts of the world in Nigeria so that individuals and Organizations can take advantage of such peoples’ gifts and abilities for their own benefits. It is said that what you don’t know exist cant not be useful to you.