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“Hello Sir, Thanks for the treatment. My sleep is coming back and the depression is gone. I’am feeling really better now ”. Joyce, Lagos , Nigeria .

Cold & Chest Pain?

“I had cold and pain in my Chest on Friday 28th July, 2006. It was very inconveniencing and I was restless. When Chief James noticed my condition, he asked me to come for therapy and I agreed. He then asked me to repeat some statements after him whether I believed them or not and I did. Meanwhile he also tapped my hand, face and sides. After the first round of tapping, I could see my cold cleared and I was surprised. Then he asked me to do the tapping myself for my chest pain and I did, as I could not remember all that he did, he also assisted me while I was doing it myself. Again very surprisingly, my chest pain also cleared. I am very grateful for this experience as since then, I have not experienced the cold again nor the chest pain ”. …Judith Monye (student – Lagos , Nigeria ) 1/8/2006

Magnus James – treated of cold in far away Australia . It was a telephone treatment on the 13 th of September, 2006.

An Accident Bone Fracture?

“I broke my leg in an accident following a fall. This was in February, 2006. It has been a nightmare for me all these while. I cannot go to market nor pursue my business. I have gone to vary many places to no avail. The major issue for me was to overcome the pain in my leg at least to get free and resume my business. This was not possible until my husband directed me to see Chief I B James at GoldenRays® in late June. It was very surprising that after the first round of Energy Therapy – taping and running energy, I felt great relief from the pain I had in my knee. I continued seeing a few more times and I can tell you that as I write this testimony, I have never felt as relieved as I feel now. I can go about my business, I can stand erect and move around which I could not do before. I am really overwhelmed by the progress I have made in just a few ways of seeing coming to GoldenRays®” .. Lolo (Mrs) Phidelia Azubuike, Surulere, Lagos .

A long standing Pain?

‘I had the pains on my left breast though it’s as a result of a stab, I have on it, the wound come came about 10yrs ago when I was attacked in school and got the cut but latter the stab started giving me pain. I came for the press briefing and decided to talk about my pain to experiment it to be sure it is real, I started with words ‘’even though I have this pain on my breast, I deeply accept myself, funny enough after some few minutes I felt free, the pain just dropped instantly, it looks magical but it is real’ DAMMY, Fame Weekly Magazine.

Pain in Shoulder

‘I had pain in my shoulder due to accident of fall. It has been on for five years now. Since I have been seeing the Energy healing Therapist, I have been seeing a lot of improvements. It is really working. This process of healing is wonderful. I recommend it to people to come and test it. I have seen how the method is even used by oyinbo people on TV and I like it’ . Mrs Celina Okpara. 71years old Mother.

Did you Have a difficult Child-birth that is still affecting your emotions?

“I felt better after the Energy Therapy session on 27th July, 2006. The memory of the CS I had during my last childbirth calls up negative emotions in me which may have been responsible for the high blood pressure I started experiencing after the birth. I experience regular head aches for which l frequently take drugs. I was on regular BP drug but since the therapy, I have not felt those things that make me take the drugs. I am really grateful to God for GoldenRays® Energy Therapy . Pat Masadey., Lagos .

Is It A Football or Other Sports Injury?

I had a muscle injury two (2) weeks ago as a result of hard tackle during football training. I never walked well since that day and I felt great pains while sleeping. Fortunately, I was invited to Golden Rays Energy Therapy (centre for energy healing awareness) to undergo a therapy session on Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). After series of therapeutic steps by the therapist I felt a great difference and relief. In fact, I feel a great relief on my thigh muscle I can now walk around and play football again. EFT zapped out all the pains on my thigh. I am grateful for this and I did not pay anything for that matter. EZENWANAGU. I. VALENTINE 15/7/2006.

Maybe It is A Pain in the Neck?

‘I had this pain in my neck for sometime until I was invited for a press conference organized by GOLDEN RAYS ENERGY THERAPY [centre for energy healing awareness] at Galaxy 77 hotel at Adeniran Ogunsanya in S/lere where the therapist …asked if anyone has any pain I volunteered. He asked me to say ‘EVEN THOUGH I HAVE THIS NECK PAIN I DEEPLY AND COMPLETELY ACCECPT MYSELF” and in the process the therapist tapped some part of my face and body just like magic I got healed. It’s a new innovation in the medical field and it’s just amazing. He said the method used on me is called emotional freedom technique (EFT). SAM ANOKAN, (THE SUN-08033567055

Are You Afraid of Something you can.t keep away from?

P. C. Eze (real name with-held) came to my clinic on 29/4/2006 complaining of always feeling he was going blind anytime he enters his business premises as he will feel cloudy in his eyes after entering the place or even passing by the store. It turned out that he was just afraid of the place because overtime people had told him that evil charms had been planted in the place. He was asked to close his eyes and imagine that he was in the shop which he did and immediately began to rub his eyes. This exercise was repeated and again he rubbed his eyes. Temporary phobia for the shop was inferred since it was not a childhood development. We tapped on the phobia for the store. After the 4 th session, he stopped rubbing his eyes when he imagined himself to be in store or walking past it. Therapy lasted for 30minutes and moved from 7 to 5 to 4 to 0 on his SUD scale. The Eze was excited at the possibility of being free from the phobia and was full of gratitude. Some days after, we reviewed the case and though he had similar feeling, the intensity was not as much as it was on 29 th April. He had since been a regular EFT tapper.

Is Your Spouse Death Affecting You?— A WIDOW’S EXPERIENCE

Sadikat Sule (real name with-held on request), a young lady (widow) who lost her husband a few months after marriage in far away United States of America. On the day she received the information, she had a miscarriage thus loosing a four months old pregnancy. The grief was so much that her blood pressure was always on the upper border line. According to her, her heart will be pounding with heat on her head as though she was carrying a heavy head. She was invited to see me on 29 th April 2006. During therapy two key issues came out, Loss of Husband and loss of baby (both bothering on emotions of GRIEF). On the grief over loss of husband SUD was understandably 10. We tapped on this and the grief emotion moved from 10 to 9, then to 5, to 4 and finally to 0. On the grief of Loss of Baby , relief moved from 7 to 3 to 0. It came out that loss of child emotion benefited from the initial tapping for loss of husband as it dropped from 10 to 7 (as confirmed by Sadikat even before we tapped on that specifically). All sessions lasted about 20 minutes. Sadikat was overwhelmed with joy of being freed from the pressures she felt when she came to the clinic. She was so excited to the extent that she asked if she indeed lost anything. She was full of gratitude for the healing and said that what she got from Goldenrays Integrated Energy Therapy was worth more than billions of Naira. She has since returned to Abuja and has been telling people about the power of Energy Therapy.

Maybe You just want to Try It On your Pain?
Mrs A. Lazarus in Benin expressed surprise as her pains subsided after a therapy administered over the phone from the comfort of my home in Lagos .

Yem Yem (name with-held) has had a case of waist pain for the past 7years though it allows him to move about. He could drive with it but it could be very inconveniencing. On this particular day, he was in severe pains. I invited him for a free demonstration of Energy Therapy and he obliged. On a SUD scale he put the pain at 6. We tapped for waist pain using EFT which I later combined with Quantum-Touch in a combination therapy. The pain moved from 6 to 2 to 0 after 2 sessions. Mr Yem Yem was surprised at the simplicity of EFT and the result we achieved. He requested to bring his mother who was down with arthritis for attention which was obliged but did not bring the old woman as she left Lagos for the village before the time. Therapy lasted 45minutes for Akin.

On 2 nd May, 2006, HRH Eze Cyril Osuala Anomneze (86+yrs) had a case of back pain from the middle of the back to the waist. On the SUD scale, he rated the pain 5. We had a single session of EFT and he confirmed the pain dropped from 5 to 0. He confirmed this by bending down, jumping up and down and turning both sides. It was a pleasant surprise to His Royal Highness as he was experiencing Energy Therapy for the first time. The case was reviewed after two days in case it was not a permanent relief he got, and the pain was not there. HRH has since become an advocate of Energy Therapy in his palace in Lagos .

On the 3 rd of May, 2006, my son Master Clinton JAMES (9+yrs) had a case of pain in the left side of his stomach. We did EFT and after two sessions, the pain stopped and never returned. Therapy lasted 5minutes.

Kunle an Ace broadcaster with a reputable Radio and TV station. Treated of Pain in the thigh which he confirmed cleared with EFT in 3 sessions- 8 to 6 – 2.5 – 0 on the SUD scale.

Is It About Snoring

30th April, 2006, Dr Ovwodo MD, presented a case of acute breathing constriction which makes him to snore heavily during sleep. We tried EFT after informing him that there was no guarantee that Energy Therapy will help him. Being someone with deep convictions about the efficacy of alternative therapies, he opened himself to the process. After a few sessions, he reported improved ability to breath above his “normal level” before therapy. He was told to continue the therapy over time to gain full recovery. Feedback from Dr Ovwodo after several weeks showed that he is happy with the outcome of Energy Therapy adopted.

Or Maybe You are always Tired and Weak?

Mrs Victoria Eze, A Women Community President in Lagos : Self image, and Low energy problems was treated and she confirmed of freedom from low self esteem and now has a boosted energy level.

Mrs Eze Nneamaka, Welfare Officer, Balogun Business Association) Constant low energy. A brief encounter with Energy Therapy was all she needed to regain her strength. Her son that had dislocation in his leg was also attended to. And to the amazement of all, the severe pain in the leg reduced considerably and healing was accelerated.

Is It Fighting Cigarette Adiction?

Mr Ezennia was treated of cigarette addiction. He reported stopping for two days (which was not possible before treatment) but later relapsed due to discontinuation of Therapy because of very busy schedule. Addiction when broken requires sustained Therapy to be fully healed.

Is it A childhood Discomfort?

Mr P Adesina had a case of Nostril blockage since childhood that was slated for surgery. Treated with EFT and confirmed opening better than before. Treatment was just once. Needed to have followed up to confirm permanence.

Or It is Anxiety

Mrs Ikwuemesi, treated of general anxiety resulting from hyperactivity. Had two sessions and moved from 9 to 2 on SUD scale.

Maybe the issue looks complicated, you cant really place it?

Bro Ndokwa complained of low energy, tiredness, Pains in the body and aches, vision problem, etc. conducted Energy Therapy and he confirmed being okay after just one session of EFT and another session of Energy medicine – crown pull and increasing aura field. Bro Ndokwa has since become an advocate of Energy Therapy among his people.

Or You Want A Royal Testimony?

“Yes, t his Energy Therapy is indeed wonderful and God sent. God Will Bless High Chief I B James for introducing this miracle into Nigeria . Yes, I have been using Energy Therapy since Chief James brought it to my attention. I have used it myself to treat some other people while I have introduced many people to Chief James who has been treating them free of charge. I have many testimonies to give about the power of this Energy healing method. On one occasion I had general body pain and I was very uncomfortable. At 87 years old, you can understand the needs of the body. I was lucky that same evening, Chief James came to visit me. When I told him what was wrong with me he said it was not a problem. Then he told me to repeat some words after him while he was taping my hand and face and the side of my body. I was surprised, the pains just relieved me and I felt very fine. That was how it all started. On one occasion, a plumber that came to work for me was fainting and loosing energy. I brought him into my office, bought food for him but he could not eat because he was just getting exhausted. I then began to apply the little of what Chief James thought us on the man. After a while, the man got up. I then called a taxi and gave him money to go to the Hospital. I believe that if I did not do the Energy Therapy on him, he would have given up right in my house. I have also witnessed many healings Chief James has conducted in my office when he comes to visit me.

Many people who know he comes to see me and who also know that he does Energy Therapy come to wait for him in my house. Sometimes he will use my palace just to attend to them. I can also speak of my wife’s arthritic legs that he helped to heal, my mother-in-law’s pain in the knees he also treated, one of my sister-in-laws who had pelvic bone dislocation when she was being delivered of baby last year. The problem was so disturbing that she hardly eats solid food because of the excruciating pains she experiences when she goes to the toilet. This made her so lean and unhappy. Chief James used Energy Therapy to treat her and she became alright. On one other occasion, Chief James gave a small seminar to the members of the Igbo Speaking Community in my palace and on that day 4 people were treated of pains and aches that have been with them for months and years. He has treated some members of my cabinet at various times and places without charging a kobo. I can go on and on. I sincerely recommend this Energy Therapy to everybody. It works and I am a witness to that. I do it on my own now and am getting good result. I have even treated some people using the little knowledge of what I learnt from High Chief James. I want the Government and every Humanitarian Organization to support High Chief Iwowarri B JAMES in realizing his dream of getting every Nigerian to know and use Energy Therapy to heal themselves, show love to themselves and be happy. May God Bless our High Chief and help him realize this dream in Jesus Name- Amen”……Signed: HRH, EzeCyril Osuala Anomneze, Eze Ojiofor Ndigbo N’Lagos, Ebubedike of Igbo land. A foremost Businessman.

What Is Your Problem?
Energy Therapy will hep you… To Overcome Fear, Guilt, Shame, Jealousy, or Anger , Change Unwanted Habits and Behaviors, or addictions, Enhance the Ability to Love, Succeed, and Enjoy Life, Reduce pains, aches, anxiety, phobias, tiredness, etc. , Help you overcome Stress and its related multiple effects. help your child improve his or her school performance. Experience the power of Energy Therapy. It is real. Emotional pains resulting from failed marriage, Loss of job, family member, friend, precious gift or possession, Fear or any situation of helplessness does in most cases trigger physical ill-health which only gets removed from the body when the emotional cause is removed. Conventional treatment will target effects rather than the cause. In other cases, the experiencing of a physical challenge as in road accidents, plain crashes, fire incidents, building collapse, boat capsizing, tsunami experience, etc., does create emotional problems like traumas, etc that again may cause other physical health problems such condition known as high blood pressures, damage to organs in the body due to accumulation of negative energies that put pressures on these organs. The freeing of the individual from these emotional pressures which then restores one to good health and balance is the essence of Energy Therapy.

Energy Therapy can also help in puting the Brakes on Emotional Eating, • Shattering Your Walls To True Intimacy, • Self-Confidence Replacing Self-Doubt, Living a Stress-free Life, Increasing Your “Power of Attraction”, A Magnified Self-Awareness, More Fully Expressing Your Natural Gifts, Self-Expression Without Fear of Rejection, Crushing Your Barriers To Financial Freedom. Other benefits include: Advancing your career – More Productive, Feeling connected – More intimate and loving with spouse and family, Better able to think, remember and concentrate – Mentally Clearer Emotionally Lighter – Finding joy in the cry of a child and rainy days, Able to find and experience deeper intimacy – More Fulfilled, Calm – Able to relax, wiping away stress like sweat from your brow, Positive and Optimistic – Attracting The Finances You Want.

I Invite You

If you have come this far in reading this leaflet, it shows how interested you are in exploring the paradise of Energy Therapy. I salute you. I invite you into the world of Energy Therapy.

Open Your Mind!

The greatest enemy of man is unbelief. This comes from our home training, what we learnt at school, what the churches have taught us and what experience has taught us over time.

Whatever they are we have learnt, they are all lessons at a particular time and age. Knowledge is developmental so grow with knowledge. Don’t be stagnant duet to a transient learning. Open your mind to the reality of your capability in Energy Therapy. I assure you, you will find happiness with it, if that is your desire.

Many other practitioners and clients who use this Therapy method testify to: relief from conditions such as: Acne, Allergies, Altitude sickness (hypoxia), Anger and irrational temper, Ankle problems, Anxiety. Apoplexy (stroke), Arm problems, Asphyxia (suffocation), Asthma and wheezing, Athlete’s foot, Boils, Bones (broken and fractured), Breast problems, Urination control, Urticaria (hives and rashes), Vertigo, Vomiting, wrist problems, Addictive Cravings, including food, cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs, Allergies, Panic Attacks, Breathing Difficulties, Compulsions and Obsessions, Depression and Sadness, Fears and Phobias, including fear of public speaking, fear of heights, fear of flying, and fear of rejection, Grief, Loss and Love Pain, Guilt, Habits such as Nail Biting, Insomnia, Negative Memories, Nightmares, arthritis, headaches, back & neck pain, Physical Trauma, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Procrastination, Sexual Abuse Issues, Stress, Stomach Problems, lack of Concentration, Confidence, Emotional Control, Job, School & Sports Performance, Financial Security, Relationships, Relaxation, Self-Image and Self-Esteem, ETC.

If you have tried everything without success, come, with GIET, we may together find a lasting solution.

Energy Therapy can also help in puting the Brakes on Emotional Eating, • Shattering Your Walls To True Intimacy, • Self-Confidence Replacing Self-Doubt, Living a Stress-free Life, Increasing Your “Power of Attraction”, A Magnified Self-Awareness, More Fully Expressing Your Natural Gifts, Self-Expression Without Fear of Rejection, Crushing Your Barriers To Financial Freedom. Other benefits include: Advancing your career – More Productive, Feeling connected – More intimate and loving with spouse and family, Better able to think, remember and concentrate – Mentally Clearer Emotionally Lighter – Finding joy in the cry of a child and rainy days, Able to find and experience deeper intimacy – More Fulfilled, Calm – Able to relax, wiping away stress like sweat from your brow, Positive and Optimistic – Attracting The Finances You Want.

I invite you to come and Learn Energy Therapy. It is easy, Cost Effective and You can use it on yourself, friends and Family members. It does not keep your doctor away rather it helps him to help you better. Click here now to contact us