Home Training

To offer the opportunity of acquiring the skills and knowledge in this great healing method, GIET is now being offered to Nigerians for learning. would-be practitioners are encouraged to register on time to avoid disappointment. Overseas conferences are open to those who do very well in the local courses.


Training method is made up of presentaions, discussions, practical demonstration.
The lectures, materials and information are presented by the trainer in a stimulationg and involving method and sequence that include unique, custom-made protocols for various levels.
The exercises that are designed to install the understanding received through the information presented and to bridge this understanding into practical action and congruent knowledge and ability.
The certification paper, which brings a full review of the material covered in the training as well as taking the training from the learning environment and connecting it firmly to the actual practical environment of the practitioner through carefully designed questions and a client case history.
Videos of demonstrations are used as teaching aids and such video time is inclusive in the training time.
Recommended books when read ( with proof via tests ) also count in terms of credit time. Tests (examinations) are based on total level studies and represent 50% while recordeed healing time account for the other 50% which combined allow for the award of Certificate or Diploma as the case may be.

Other Charges:
Courses registration fee – N1,500 for form plus admin.
Books and other charges not included.
Video fee – depending on type of course.
Examination & Certification fee – N2,000
Processing charges for overseas conference: Conference main fee + Processing + VISA application + Travel expenses to beborne by the applicant.


Services are provided for corporate organizations, clubs, schools, churches and unions who will like in-house trainings. Rates vary according to Locations and Size of participants.

In-house Trainings.
N45,000 per participant – not below 25 persons in the group.
N40,000 per participants for above 25 persons.

Transport cost is charged for outside Lagos locations in line with mode and prevailing rates.
Insurance premium will be charged for consultaions outside Lagos.